Case study

The Seed

Client: The Seed

Year: 2022

  • UX/UI design
  • Web development

The Client

The Seed is an ambitious development project situated in the heart of Central America. The website is supposed to embody its unique fusion of a first-class residential living and its harmony with the surrounding nature.

The Challenge

The client made it very clear that the goal is to showcase the project´s boldness and even more importantly, to attract potential investors. Knowing the expectations and demands of the target audience, we knew the design had to represent both luxury and respect to the wilderness in order to appeal to prospect investors and home byuers. It was agreed that should came out as a lightweight onepager.

The Solution

The web design process started with analysis of all materials, visualisations and images, followed by a client discussion about the values and philosophy that was behind the project. Eventually, we opted for darker shades of green to resemble the forests to be found in Costa Rica while the imagery showcases the modern amenities and services the project has to offer. The web is designed to demonstrate that The Seed offers a one-time opportunity to invest into a sustainable development project and the future of living.