Case study

Luxury Presence

Client: Luxury Presence

Year: 2022

  • UX/UI design
  • Web development
  • Motion design

New corporate site for a real estate marketing platform

The Client

Luxury Presence helps US real estate agents & brokers to build their digital presence through beautiful, award-winning websites and cutting-edge marketing solutions. A powerful all-in-one platform offers crucial marketing tools, insights and other materials to help real estate professionals elevate their brand and grow their business.

The Objective

After working together on various projects for more than one year we were comissioned to create a new corporate website. During that time rebranding process was underway and TRAU has started working closely with the internal team at LP to bring the new brand to life. The goal was to create highly performing yet beautiful website that would serve as one of the key touchpoints to officially roll out the new branding.

While we believe that website should be first and foremost functional, the challenge was to balance it out with beautiful visuals and delightful experience to present the new brand in the best possible light.

The solution

The redesigned website reflects refreshed positioning of the company as well as the new product offering and communication. Because the website had to be created in a very limited time frame we adopted a lean approach. We built a website with brief content and basic functionalities to be optimized after the launch.

The website was very well accepted by the client, but was performing worse than expected in collecting leads which is a key metric of the website and measure of success. Thus, we started working in sprints to improve its performance. This ongoing process involves running a/b tests and implementing CRO best practices to optimize the conversion rate. This project is a great demonstration of a necessity to combine both, client's visual preferences and business objectives. We do that by using our vetted methodologies together with a tailored approach to each project's needs.

The team

UX/UI Design: Ondřej Novák, Ondřej Jelínek
Motion Design: Štěpán Kosek
Web Development: Matouš Barnat

“I can’t say enough about Ondrej and the team at TRAU studio. Ondrej is thorough, thoughtful and meticulous, and a great communicator. We’ve been collaborating on projects for over 6 months, and they have really helped elevate the bar for execution and quality of design. It’s been an inspiration to others on the team to have them onboard.“

Joana Koiller
VP of Design, Luxury Presence