Case study

Chirag Shah Coaching

Client: Luxury Presence

Year: 2023

  • UX/UI design
  • Web development

The Client

Chirag Shah is a coach who exclusively works with Compass real estate agents, helping them optimize not only their businesses but also their lives. Chirag mainly focuses on working with top-producing Compass agents across the country, many of whom overlap with Luxury Presence’s earliest and most well-known clients including Matt Breitenbach, Ben Moss & Stacy Froelich. Chirag differentiates himself from other coaches, e.g. Tom Ferry, by taking a bespoke and individualized approach, teaching how instead of what to do.

There is a unique and significant focus on the community aspect in Chirag's relationships with his clients. Working on a project like this is truly satisfying because Chirag has demonstrated a strong belief in our skills, granting us his trust and providing ample creative freedom from the very beginning.

The Solution

As an initial step in the process, we reviewed moodboards and gathered inspiration. We decided to adopt a scrollytelling concept, which guided us to incorporate engaging animations and create a captivating scrollytelling experience. To facilitate this, we started with high-fidelity wireframes, enabling us to consider animations throughout the entire design process.

Part of the brief was to revamp elements of the visual identity and give it a contemporary, digital-first appearance. While preserving the original symbol for continuity, we refreshed the typography and color palette. Additionally, we introduced circular elements based on the logo to establish a harmonious and consistent visual system.

The Goal

The goal was to create a memorable website that deviates from the ordinary and mundane. We aimed to convey the elevated experience of working with Chirag. Scroll-triggered image animations effectively grab the user's attention, complemented by various unique microinteractions and hover effects, resulting in an enjoyable browsing experience. The community layer serves as the backbone of the website, intertwining with numerous testimonials and client references, further reinforcing Chirag's expertise and trustworthiness.