Case study


Client: Cardbase

Year: 2022

  • Branding

Branding for a leader in the online world of collectibles.

The client

We have teamed up with Balkan Bros to create brand identity that would reflect unique proposition of Cardbase – to provide world’s largest searchable database of collectibles. On top of that the identity was supposed to visualize trust and transparency.

The challenge

Since the beginning of the project it was clear the company will be renamed to “Collectbase”, so the identity had to provide enough flexibility. Looking at the vast amount of competitors and their visual communications it was clear finding differentiating color palette is going to be tough. From day one we knew have to stray from cliches like using icons of collectibles or graphs signifying market trends.

The solution

The process started with extensive competitive visual research and benchmarking. Workshop with client was conducted to understand business and define key value proposition for target audience. The final concept revolves around the idea of a database where individual items are organized and interconnected. Cardbase is here to help you do exactly that by providing newest market data together with largest database of collectibles.