Case study

Art Villas

Client: Art Villas

Year: 2023

  • UX/UI design
  • Web development

The Client

Art Villas is a luxurious resort in the lush jungle of Costa Rica offering extraordinary accomodation experiences. Travellers can choose between different types of villas, and there is even lavish glamping for those seeking true exotique adventure. Top quality services are indeed included. This high-end facility goes beyond accomodation as it's just the perfect location for weddings or retreats.

The Challenge

The Art Villas' existing website was visually appealing, but rather confusing to navigate. The client approached us with a request to help the users understand the differences between villas so they could choose the right experience for them. We were asked to follow the brand identity doing our work, as it works very well representing the fusion of wilderness and travells.

The Solution

We started off with UX optimization to ensure seamless user experience when scrolling through the website. To be specific, we reinvented the information architecture, the main navigation as well as the menu, and reorganized the pages. The next step was wrapping it up with visual design. To showcase the villas large imagery was used and combined with neat background. Flora patterns were used to break up the visuals. Eventually we added just the right amount of motion to make the experience more interactive.

The Team

UX/UI Designer: Vanda Žáková, Lenka Leová
Development Lead: Matouš Barnat
Web Developer: Tony Nguyen